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Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V

Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity
5 meters
Supply Ability
50000000 meters / Month
Country of Origin
Shenzhen, China
Stock Time
7~15 Days
Product Parameter
Model NumberSELS-5050X60-12/24-Y
Working Temperature()-20-50
Package5m per roll,
any length can be customized
FPC Width10mm
Cutting Unit50mm 100mm
Beam Angle120°
Waterproof GradeIP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Color Temperature(CCT)2700-6500K
Red Green Blue Yellow Orange
Support Dimmeryes
Lighting solutions serviceLighting and circuitry design;
DIALux evo layout; CAD layout
Input Voltage(V)DC 12V / 24V
Lamp Body MaterialCopper
CertificationCE EMC FCC PSE RoHS
ApplicationResidential, Shopping Mall Light
Source5050 SMD
Switch ModeBluetooth Remote Control
Wifi Manual Button
Luminous Efficacy(lm/w)75-85
Life time(Hour)50,000
Lamp Power14W/mt
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)1050-1190lm/w
CRI (Ra>)80/90
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V

Same Series
Part No.5050X30-12/24-Y5050X60-12/24-Y
VoltageDC12 / 24VDC12 / 24V
LED Qty/mt30pcs 505030pcs 5050
FPCB Width10mm10mm
Cutting Unit50 100mm50 100mm
Color Temperature(CCT)2800-3200K 4000-4500K 6000-6500K Red Green Blue Yellow Orange
Product Description
FlexibleLED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V can do IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68, Different waterproof grade. Color can be Warm White, Natural White, Pure White, etc.
1. Super bright 5050 SMD top LED, high intensity and reliability.
2.Flexible LED Strip Lighting Exceptionally smooth linear effect
3.Flexible LED Strip Lighting  Cuttable every 3 LEDs(DC12V) or 6 LEDs (DC24V) along the cutting marks, according to practical requirement.
4. Ultra-bright but running at low temperature
5. Completely smooth and even light spread, solving the uneven luminous problem
6. Low power consumption, with 50,000+ hour’s long life span.
7. IP65 ( water-resistant ): Clear silicone-gel coating for IP65 waterproof rating
8. IP67: The clear silicone sleeve protects the LED strip from moisture and dust

Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V with widely application below:

1. Widely used for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls
2. Stage decoration, Festival, exhibition, weedings;
3. Backlight of signage, Channel letters lighting;
4. Decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition
5. Landscape layout lighting; Hotels, night clubs, shopping malls, offices.

Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V
Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V

Product packaging

Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V

Installation Instructions

Flexible LED Strip Lighting 60LEDs 5050 24V

1. Installation Flexible LED Strip Lighting must comply with local international electrical safety instructions.
2. In order to ensure Flexible LED Strip Lighting safe and correct installation, the installing person must be a qualified electrician with a license.
3. The installation of led strip light should comply with CE standard; With constant voltage LED power supply.
4. Do not install the Flexible LED Strip Lighting in overheat environment.
5. Do not install the non-waterproof LED Strip Light in outdoor or damp environment.
6. Make sure the cables use for connect the power supply, Flexible LED Strip Lighting and any dimmer are of standard size. Please calculate the voltage drop and the maximum rated current when selecting the cables. It will cause the cable overheat and burned if select improper cables and installation.
7. The Flexible LED Strip Lighting with 3 or 5 years warranty,it's according to the ship out date.
8.If there is any technical or sales questions, please feel free to contact us at

What makes the best LED Strip Light?
Creating the highest quality Flexible LED Strip Lighting was not easy. It began with a passion and desire to build a truly “SE.Lighting” lighting solution. Component quality, phosphor selection, heat dissipation, color rendering, brightness, longevity, and run length are all components to consider when building an Flexible LED Strip. we guarantee performance and satisfaction! 

SE.Lighting LEDs' strip lights are extremely popular in many facets of lighting design due to their compact size, high brightness, and low power consumption. Our Flexible LED Strip Light are made High brightness LED chips, high quality thermal performing PCB, and an unmatched quality control process. We feature CE and RoHS listing on our Flexible LED Strip. LED Strip Lights are also extremely versatile, as shown by architects, homeowners, bars, restaurants, Commercial Applications and countless others who are using them in every way imaginable. Whether you’re looking for static white light LED Strip Lights, or color changing RGB LED Strip Lights, you’ll find the best LED Strip Lights for your project here..

Our LED Strip Light for longevity with the longest warranty in the industry. We design our own LEDs for the highest brightness, consistency, and color rendering. can offer OEM and ODM support. Once you see the SE.Lighting difference, you'll be a customer for life. Check out our Flexible LED Strip Lighting options below.

Learn which LED Flexible Strip is best for your project here.

LED Strip Light are long circuit boards with surface-mount device light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) that provide a glow to any room. The strips are also known as LED tape or ribbon lights and usually have an adhesive backing for easy installation.

Some of the best LED Flexible Strip options can be used for many different interior design projects, including recessed lighting, television backlighting, or kitchen countertop illumination with undercabinet lighting.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best LED Strip Lights
There are many features to consider when shopping for the best LED Strip Lighting, from color and size to intended use and brightness. Before purchasing an LED Strip Light, consider keeping the following factors in mind to ensure your choice meets or exceeds your expectations for the intended application.

Location of Use
It’s essential to determine where the LED Flexible Strip will be installed before deciding which product to use. 
Other location considerations are water resistance for patios, dimmer compatibility for bedrooms, hall, bathroom, stairway. Even a more generic installation of LED Strip Light for ceilings or walls warrants some consideration before you make your purchase so you don’t end up with a specialty product that isn’t meant for where you intend to place it.

LED Strip Light are available in a variety of lengths, typically from 3 to 16 feet. The brightness and intended purpose usually correlate to their length. For example, LED Strip Light intended for television backlighting or use on stairs tend to be shorter for easier installation.
LED Strip Light can be up to 164 feet long, High- brightness LED Strip Lighting may have the same number of LED modules, but they’ll usually only be about 16 feet long. However, most flexible LED Strip Lighting can be cut using scissors to accommodate small areas. If longer LED tape is needed, pieces can often be connected to customize to the desired length.

Most light strips feature a flexible circuit board that can bend around corners or run over curved surfaces. Some LED Strip Light are so flexible that they can be bent up to 90 degrees without damaging the circuit board.

The brightness of an Flexible LED Strip Lighting is measured in lumens per meter or LM and is dictated by the density of the LED lights within 1 meter.

Color and Color Temperature
The color of a light strip is critical to keep in mind. Some light strips come in only one color, while others can have color selections that range in the millions. The color option that you choose is entirely dependent on your personal preference, Color temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin (K) and describes how warm or cool a light’s color appears, and lower numbers indicate warmer color temperatures. 

Wattage is a measure of how much energy the light strip requires to function at its optimal brightness. 

Control Methods
Flexible LED Strip Lighting are available that connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, remotes, or mobile phone apps. With these controls, the brightness and color can be adjusted, the lights can be programmed to sync with music.

Flexible LED Strip Lighting come with many pros and a few cons. Whether you’re looking for LED strip lights for bedrooms, LED strip lights for kitchen cabinets, or bedroom LED light strips etc… the answers to these common questions may help.

Q: Are Flexible LED Strip Lighting safe?
LED light strips are safe as long as they’re installed and operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, indoor lights shouldn’t be installed outside, and some lights should not be installed where they can get wet.

Q: How long can you run Flexible LED Strip Lighting?
LED light strips can run for hours on end without being shut off. They get warm, but they’re designed to underdrive the LEDs, which means they don’t overheat.

Q: Do LED Light Strips have to be plugged in to work?
Yes, you have to leave LED Strip Light plugged in for them to work. 

Q: Do LED Light Strips work with dimmer switches?
Almost every LED Strip Light is compatible with a dimmer switch. In order to make an LED light strip dimmable, it’s input wire must first be connected to a dimmer unit, then connect the unit to the power supply.

Q: How can I create ambient light with Flexible LED Strip Lighting?
To create ambient light in your home with LED strip light, the optimal locations are under or above cabinets and counters in the kitchen, behind mirrors in the bathroom, or even around large pieces of furniture like bookshelves and home entertainment units.

Q: How do you properly recycle old Flexible LED Strip Lighting?
LED strip lights can be disposed of by recycling them by taking them to a local recycling center.

Q: How long do Flexible LED Strip Lighting last?
Most LED light strip are built to last for up to 50,000 hours of use, which is roughly 10 to 20 years of runtime.

SE.Lighting's Flexible LED Strip Lighting, with 2835 / 3528 / 5050 / 5630 / COB etc, SDCM3 / SDCM5, CRI 80 / 90 / 95, CCT&Color: 1600~30000K / CCT / RGB / RGBW / RGBCCT / RGB Magic, Various Specifications option, any needs pls feel free to contact us.
We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

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