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Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser 13x12mm
Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser 13x12mm
Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser 13x12mm

Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser 13x12mm

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity
5 meters
Supply Ability
50000000 meters / Month
Country of Origin
Shenzhen, China
Stock Time
7~15 Days
Product Parameter
Model NumberAL-1312A
SurfaceSilver / black / white Anodized
PC CoverAvaiable with opal,
diffuser and transparert
ApplyLED Strips and PCB 10mm
ColorBlack / Silver
Available lengths0.5m/1m/1.5m/2m/3m or
Any special length available

Recessed LED Aluminum Channel

Product Description

SE.LightingRecessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser 13x12mm use high quality 6063 aluminum alloy, available in various shapes that may be cut to any size within 3mt. Each mt include 2pcs end caps and diffuser PC Cover. Suitable for any application including cabinet lighting, kitchen lighting, interior lighting design, retail display lighting, commercial lighting, architectural lighting etc.

The Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser comes in three different finishes, anodized silver, anodized black, or powder coated white. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a thicker oxide layer to protect the aluminum from corrosion and wear. Anodized aluminum resists scratching and corrosion much more than regular paint.

Advantages of Recessed LED Aluminum Channel

1. Recessed LED Aluminum Channel Length and color can be customized.
2. Recessed LED Aluminum Channel With Excellent heat dispersion.
3. Recessed LED Aluminum Channel Offer great of effect of light distribution, without light spot.
4. Recessed LED Aluminum Channel Diffuser protect the LED light strips from environmental factors like heat, humidity, dirt, water and more. You can customize aluminum extrusions to be waterproof, dustproof, and fireproof as well.
5. Recessed LED Aluminum Channel Diffuser can be easily installed on any kind of surface. They come with flanges as well as 3M adhesives so you can install on walls, furniture, stairs, and more.

Recessed LED Aluminum Channel Diffuser Widely used in furniture, LED strip, transportation rail, vehicles, motor housing, windows and doors and so on.

Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser Application
Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser Application
Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser Application

Installation Method

Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser

The Best Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser

High quality anodized Recessed LED Aluminum Channel and Diffuser channels, also known as Recessed LED Aluminum Channel or LED Channel Diffuser, are your best choice of installation and function companion for LED strip light projects. They are popularly used as LED light strip diffuser to achieve better diffusion and set creative lighting effects, and work as LED strip mounting channel to assist installation. LED light channel with diffuser is often surface mounted for under cabinet lighting. Ceiling, recessed, and corner LED strip channel are among the top choices for LED strip light application. The aluminum channels provide housing and protection for LED strips. Working as heat sinks, they greatly improve the heat management of LED strips.
Design your own LED light fixture with LED Channel Diffuser. It provide a modern, clean, and finished look for LED strip lights. Available in many shapes and sizes that may be custom cut to desired length. Complete the channels with end caps, lenses, and mounting clips. The LED Channel Diffuser are perfect for applications such as cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, display shelf lighting, cupboard lighting, cove lighting, stair lighting, and more. LED Channel Diffuser Mounting Channels are great for heat dissipation, a common problem when LED strip lights remain lit for long period of time. It also provides a perfectly flat surface to mount LED strips in. This product will achieve the precision one desires.
LED Channel Diffuser are designed for low voltage light strips. It is very safe to install and use.
In conclusion, the many benefits of LED Channel Diffuser make it the perfect choice for a wide variety of lighting applications. When making a purchase, be sure to consider the specific needs of your project and choose an LED Channel Diffuser that is best suited for the job. The LED Channel Diffuser will provide superior performance and long-lasting results with its many advantages.
A wide range or LED Channel Diffuser are available from SE.Lighting making this a designer’s preferred choice for almost all commercial and residential lighting projects.

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